When it comes to my mixed media collages and 3D mobiles, I work with a language of symbols. Doves, punks, the Death Card in the Tarot, ripped up journal entries, a black heart stamp, washes of color, bursts of white.  I employ conventional materials like paper, glue, pen, oil pastels, acrylic paint, found objects and wire hangers. Through the interplay of symbols, colors and textures, I aim for harmonious compositions that beg for closer examination literally and metaphorically. 

I’ve been exploring the concept of abundance in my work; twelve pieces on the same theme constitute one art piece. This began with The 2020 Collages, and I’m in the process of making twelve doves and twelve punk collages. Why twelve? Twelve is a lot... it's a dozen, the number of months in a year, more than the fingers on your hands. I aim to create a viewing experience that elicits, “Whoa, that was a whole thing!”      

The schools I attended from kindergarten through high school all offered art classes, and I took art every year. It was always a high point in my day where it was okay to talk to my friends, and I felt at ease. I took a basic drawing class at DePaul University. I worked with Redmoon Theatre in Chicago as a mentor and director of the Dramagirls performing arts program, where art-making and puppetry were essential to their theatre. Otherwise, I trained as a makeup artist at Makeup First, Chicago and worked as a pro makeup artist for tv/film/print and for MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown. 

Of all the art forms I practice, visual art is the most meditative for me. I open to inspiration, and tune into my true nature. I don't plan much, and I go with the flow. Cubism, folk art, intuitive art and street art are styles that resonate with me.