When it comes to my mixed media collages and 3D mobiles, I work with an interplay of symbols, colors and textures. I aim for harmonious compositions that beg for closer examination and address the complexity of being a spiritual being having a human experience. I use my ripped up handwritten journals in all of my work. My daily journaling and the destruction of my journals is a spiritual practice in and of itself, and it's an essential part of my art. What else am I going to do with all those pages of mind-chatter? Art has always been a spiritual practice for me. I open to inspiration and tune in. I trust, I listen and remember to go with the flow. Then I remember that my life is a spiritual practice.

I took art every year in school from kindergarten through high school. It was always a high point in the day where I could talk to my friends, use my hands and feel at ease. I took a basic drawing class at DePaul University. During my graduate work in education, I worked with Redmoon Theatre in Chicago as a mentor and was Director of the Dramagirls performing arts program for middle school girls, where art-making and puppet-making were essential. Additionally, I trained as a makeup artist at Makeup First, Chicago and worked as a pro makeup artist for tv/film/print and for MAC Cosmetics, NARS and Bobbi Brown.