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Multi-media monthly post spanning 2021 designed to elevate + inspire. All writing, art, comedy, music, photos + videos posted are Alyson Lyon's original work.


Feeling It Out Here For the Collective

This month is all about closure. Sure, it's the end of the year. But what would be the most poetic way to kiss 2021 goodbye? What would make your heart sing? Do that. Be ceremonious. A fresh start awaits! Remember by letting go, it all gets done. It's okay to put some things off until tomorrow. Do what is important. Do what the highest version of you would do. Productivity is overrated. Aligning with your highest vision is not. Celebrate how far you've come this year. Stay away from distractions, and finish the year strong!

This month's blog features:

-short video "Closing Out 2021" 

-pic of late fall Chicago sunset

Note: This post marks the end of this blog. It was intended to be a year-long project and welp, the year is up! This blog spans November 2020 to December 2021. I'll be keeping it up on this site for now and hope it's a fun scroll from start to finish. Much love + much dove, XO  



Feeling It Out Here For The Collective

The energy of this month may require some grounding. Keep your good vibes going by reminding yourself that there will be bumps inthe road, and don't get too thrown. You're in control of you. Accept the situation or change it. Like the great Bruce Lee said, "Be like water." That's the ticket. And have fun while you're at it! 

November's Blog Features:

-short video: "How to Get Double-Sided Tape Off the Wall"

-"Surrender" + "Align" from Geometrics Series (click here for the full series)

-pic of Fall Sunset

typorama 2.PNG


Feeling It Out Here for The Collective

Fall into fall! As the season shifts, trust in the timing of things, trust that if it feels chaotic at the moment, things will settle. Remain joyful in the knowing that some things are simply out of your control, and a solid approach is to let them go. Yes, the leaves will fall from the trees, but first they light up the forest. Live your best pumpkin spice life this month, and hold on loosely. 

October's Blog Features:

-"Lines" 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" (paper, old journals, colored pencils)

-"Autumn Equinox" pic

typorama 3.PNG


Feeling It Out Here For The Collective

This month's energy is fast-paced and brimming with newness. It's time to let go of old patterns, old ways of being that do not serve. Stop the people pleasing, please! You'll know what needs to go by how it feels. If it feels like a lower vibration, let it go. You can and must trust your gut. All the work you've been doing is paying off this month. Look for the little wins - they lead to victory! Step out of fear and into greater love, abundance and fun. It all starts from within. Clear, ground and expand!

September's Blog Features:

-"Yellow Soulmate" + "Red Soulmate" framed mixed media pieces (available for purchase - email for details + pricing)

-pic of concrete by Oak Street Beach

typorama 4.PNG


Feeling It Out Here for the Collective

The vibe this month is all about taking full responsibility. Take inventory. What habits are supporting you? What relationships? How are you feeding your mind, body, spirit? Making a conscious effort to gain awareness will pay off. Readjust, cut out the negative influences and're back on track to live your best life. And enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the end of this epic summer. Carve out time to simply follow inspiration, and see where the day takes you. Aligned, inspired action makes way for the miraculous!

August's Blog Features:

-"The Top Halves of Marina Towers" pic

-Modern Dance Clip and Martha Graham quote

-"Early Morning on North Ave" pic

typorama 5.PNG