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"Snakeskin 6"


12" X  9" 

Oil pastels, stamps, Sharpie and sealant on handmade watercolor paper from India


About the Artwork

This work on paper by Alyson Lyon was inspired by a man holding a snake around his neck on Michigan Ave. The chance encounter warranted a second look - the snake's colors were exquisite, the pattern unreal and a zoomed-in artistic exploration was launched! But wait! There's more! Lyon's currently working on her French and the phrase, "La chance sourit aux audacieux"  dropped itself into her world. Basically, it translates to "Fortune favors the bold," but it's way cooler in French! The inspiration just keeps coming... 


Piece comes in super-light plexiglass frame that's easy to hang and easy to change. 

"Snakeskin 6"

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